Dafne Kleiman

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1971.

After twenty years working in Argentina, in her Graphic Design & Communication Studio, Dafne moved to rural Uruguay where she deepened her artistic training and produced her work. In Painting, Sculpture and Wood Carving, she trained at the Maldonado Carlos M. Tonelli School of Plastic and Visual Arts, as well as at the Centre for the Development of Structured Art CEDARTES where she studied Constructivist Ceramics, an approach whereas incorporating clay gives way to exploring the third dimension and opens the space up empirically and conceptually.

Later she returned to Architecture, Design and Urbanism College [FADU] of the University of Buenos Aires [UBA] to complete a Postgraduate Degree in Ceramic Design in which she combines previous design knowledge with her current art practice. She also earned a postgraduate degree in Museography from the Architecture, Design and Urbanism College [FADU] of the Litoral National University [UNL]. Additionally, she has attended several Contemporary Art courses, workshops, and seminars.

Immersed in natural surroundings, of green and infinite horizons, she is inspired and linked to earth and clay, her main artistic medium. She connects her artworks to what she learnt from the Torresgarcian South School [Escuela del Sur Torresgarciana] with her education in graphic design, investigating a new view on this legacy through ceramics.

She currently lives and works in Maldonado, Uruguay.