Mane Zorraquín

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1985.

She studied Fine Arts and continued his training at the School of Fine Arts.

Simultaneously, she attended workshops and seminars. She attended the workshop of Juan Doffo, Juan Bernárdez, Eugenio Cuttica and Ariel Mlynarzewicz. Since 2006 she has continuously participated in art fairs and individual and group exhibitions.

Her work is a manifestation of moments that move her. She brings mischievous situations and sweet moments to the painting. These images remain frozen on the support. But the work no longer remains with her, but rather follows its own path, generating dialogues with the environment.

“When I talk about my work, I am very aware that the process is an intrinsic part. What happens in the workshop is pure present and invites me to be my most sincere version. When I paint the energy that passes through me, the body and the materials are in unity working in unison.”

She has his workshop in the Palermo neighborhood and teaches privately.

She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.