Marisa Gill

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1959.

Graduated from the Manuel Belgrano National School of Fine Arts. She trained as an engraver in the workshop of Alfredo de Vincenzo and in the workshops of Andrea Juan and Lucrecia Urbano. She studied photography at the Fotoclub Argentino and creative photography with Julie Weisz. She attended seminars on Art History and Curation at Malba Museum and Di Tella University.

Marisa Gill’s prints and drawings are minimal abstractions that emphasize line and space. Her deep interest in Japanese aesthetics and the concepts of ‘wabi’, ‘shibui’ and ‘ma’, are all present in her work.

In many of her prints she uses thin japanese paper for chine collé technique, creating subtle shapes which interplay with the printed lines. In her drawings, Gill uses engraving tools to mark the paper as if it were a metal plate and draws using a variety of utensils, some of which she recollets on her walks in nature. 

She has received awards on several occasions in national and international graphics shows. Marisa has participated in art fairs in Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Mexico and New York. In 2022 she completed an art residency, Arte en el Origen, in Cantabria, Spain.

She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.