Other Artists

Natalia Abot

Born in Buenos Aires in 1974, Natalia Abot Glenz is the daughter of a plastic artist and a sociologist. When Glenz was two, her family went into exile in Madrid, a city where she was exposed to opulent architecture and museums that marked her way of seeing and creating. In the 1990s she returned to Argentina, where she trained as an architect at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires, occasionally returning to Spain for artistic projects and training. Her work is characterized by a search for beauty through the representation of movement, and suggests the existence of an intrinsic order, beyond our limited understanding of the world.

She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Natalia Orlowski

Born in Buenos Aires in 1973, Nat Orlowski grew up in the countryside, giving her a deep love and respect for nature. She moved back to the city to finish her secondary and university studies, graduating with a degree in fine arts. Orlowski’s painting is characterized by its connection with nature and the spiritual world, with generous dimensions that evoke fields of color or territories soaked in sun. She has exhibited in Buenos Aires and abroad in the United States, Italy, England, Portugal, and Uruguay. Since 2017, Orlowski has been an advisor to Buenos Aires’s cultural patronage program.

She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.

David Sisso

David Sisso is a photographer and visual artist born in San Luis in 1968, and porteño by choice since 1993. After studying Communication Sciences, he worked as an editorial photographer for remarkable local and international publications. For 7 years he was Editor of Photography for Rolling Stone magazine and author of its most memorable productions. As an advertising photographer, he worked with the main brands and local agencies. His personal work began to be exhibited in 2010 in galleries and art fairs. In 2013 he won the Repsol Lima Photo award. Soon after in 2017, Editorial Planeta released his photography book “Tierra Vacía” a project that is shown the same year at the Fototeca Latinoamericana in Buenos Aires. Since 2018 Sisso has been working on mixed media projects in which he approaches languages from other disciplines such as painting, video, and drawing.

Daniel Stroomer

Born in 1982 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Graffiti artist for 20 years. Nase Pop started painting graffiti at a young age in a new city called Almere. In 2008 he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he currently has his studio. He began his career in the 1990s as a graffiti artist and graphic designer during a period when the analog world went digital. In recent years, he has been exploring architecture by creating of sculptures in different materials such as wood and metal, a product derived from his abstract paintings. Due to the urban origin of his work, he is constantly exploring the visual interruption of the landscape in cities, creating graffiti, murals, sculptures and other objects that achieve a distorting effect with respect to their surroundings.

María Torcello

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1978.

Autodidact. She attended Jorge Gamarra’s workshop, from 1999 to 2003, to specialize in the direct carving technique on wood. During 1997 she held drawing (living model) and sculpture (technique: modeling and plaster) workshops at Estímulo de Bellas Artes. In 1998 she attended Malena Trosolino’s drawing and sculpture workshop (technique: modeling, plaster and cement) and completed two years of studies at IUNA with 13 approved subjects.

“I work practically with recycled wood. In it you can perceive her history, her life and her death. I find an exciting relationship between the work I do with wood and the work that requires self-knowledge, the search for the absolute being. Through the work of cleaning the trunk, ravaging, finding the form and final polishing, natural beauty emerges as if by magic. “That magic that connects us with primordial nature, with the essence.”

She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Corina van Marrevijk

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1966. 

She has a degree in Advertising from the Universidad del Salvador and studied part of the Graphic Design career at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Between 1990 and 2000 she worked in the field of editorial design. She joined Editorial Atlántida as a diagrammer for Gente and Billiken magazines, and was responsible for the Art Direction of several of their publications. Starting in 2002, he switched from graphic media to audiovisual media and moved on to art and the setting of advertising commercials and television programs. 

In 2019 she began working on the botanical sculptures fully made on paper. Her first group show was in April 2022, at the Pabellón de las Bellas Artes of the Universidad Católica Argentina, together with Eduardo Stupía, Juan Andrés Videla and Emma Herbin, as a guest artist.

She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.